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Unlock Financial Freedom and Time Wealth

Choose from three timeslots

With my 7-step proven framework to build and maintain a thriving practice

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UK (10:00am GMT)

AUS (1:00pm AEST)

US (1:00pm PST)

Wednesday, 10th July 2024 | via Zoom

If you're experiencing any of the following, then this 60-minute interactive workshop is for you


Exhausted from the long hours and overwhelming workload.


Tired of chasing after new clients without success.


Not sure where to start with social media.


Dreading the idea of networking.


Feeling trapped in hourly billing cycles.


Lacking in process and procedures.

I'm 100% ready to kick off my six figure plus practice journey today!

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Hi, I'm Jeannie

As an award-winning Strategic Bookkeeper, author, certified trainer and speaker, I'm the CEO behind The Strategic Bookkeeper, dedicated to assisting bookkeepers and accountants in building and maintaining thriving practices.

With 14 years of experience, I scaled my practice into a lifestyle business within just 5 years, allowing me to live my dream on my terms-and it has been truly rewarding!

Throughout my journey, I've mastered everything from branding to client attraction and retention, selling succession products, systemizing operations, and building, leading, and managing productive teams. I've guided hundreds of bookkeepers to build 6 and 7-figure businesses they love using my proven 7-step system. Having personally helped numerous professionals achieve financial success and time freedom, I can assure you that the 7-step method delivers results!

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