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The Future of Bookkeeping

An Online Event with Jeannie Savage,  Thursday the 21st at 12 pm

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As the Transformation Program undergoes three significant changes on March 22nd, this event provides an exclusive chance for you to ask questions directly to Jeannie and fellow program members.

 ...and to spend an hour diving into exactly what is inside the program

The future of bookkeeping is strategic bookkeeping, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

 The strategic bookkeeper project, the book, the podcasts and the program is gaining massive traction worldwide.

 And that's because it is a world-class world first and because of the impact it's having on bookkeepers globally. Particularly on the members of the transformation program.

And so, with three major changes to the program happening on March 22 being currency, foundation members specials ending and closing the doors and moving to waitlist,  I'm running an event all about the program where you can ask me anything and we will have program participants in the audience to answer questions as well.

I'm going to allow an hour for this event to make sure that I can answer any questions you have and thoroughly convey the value and the impact of the program.

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