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Build a Thriving Practice by becoming a Strategic Bookkeeper

Get started by grabbing your copy of my book where you’ll learn how to build a strong, thriving practice with delighted clients so you can live your dream on your terms.

Available FREE* for a LIMITED time only.

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Hi, I'm Jeannie

An award-winning Strategic Bookkeeper, author, certified trainer and speaker

I'm the CEO and brainchild behind The Strategic Bookkeeper which exists to help Bookkeepers build and sustain a thriving practice.

I’ve been in practice for 13 years and I scaled into a lifestyle business after just 5 years – so I could live my dream on my terms – and it has been awesome! 

During my time in practice, I’ve perfected everything from building a brand, attracting and retaining high value clients, selling succession products, systemising and - building, leading and managing productive teams. 

My vision for you is ultimately to help you live your dream on your terms – and to do that, I intend to help you transform from Bookkeeper to Strategic Bookkeeper – through my book, my podcast and my coming soon program. 

Join my tribe today and let’s get started together.

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