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These exceptional bookkeepers were once in a position similar to yours, but now, their practices are thriving.


With the right focus, support, guidance, and tools, you can achieve the same level of success, leading to the income and lifestyle you want and deserve.

 "I never would have had the confidence to do this without the program and so proud to be a part of this and finally be able value the heck out of myself as well as my clients. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thank you, Jeannie Savage"

Just had my first client sign the updated price proposal at $93 per hour from $50 as a fixed price package. They also signed for quarterly vcfo meetings as well.

I am tackling this one client at a time as there is quite a bit of work going into setting each one up but so worth it.

Btw, this one client upgrade alone covers the cost of this program- and it has only been one of many wins I have had so far.

Jennifer - TSB Tribe Member

 "I'm doing a gentle happy dance."

Whilst we were in the implementer today, not only did a PC that I emailed a proposal to in January text me, I also had a text from a VIP who signed 2 catch up and rectification proposals - she has 2 entities.

This has taken my turnover this year to 162% of last financial year. Hence the gentle happy dance.  I'm about to send her 2 monthly bookkeeping proposals which I know she will accept - eventually!

Deb - TSB Tribe Member

 "Feeling excited right now!"

Did my first live proposal via Zoom with success! He said yes to both of the proposals - rectification and then ongoing bookkeeping with quarterly CFO!

I just checked my inbox and he's also signed! That's $8040 per year. Oh yeah!

Sandra - TSB Tribe Member

"I was one of those people that was sitting on the fence."

​ Having been disappointed by previous programs and feeling unsure about making time for it with three kids and a husband to attend to..

After a conversation with Jeannie, I decided to take the leap, and I’m so glad I did!

The program seamlessly fits into my lifestyle, allowing me to apply the strategies on the job.

Jeannie’s responsiveness and the incredible support from the tribe made  this experience stand out. Not to mention, the done-for-you assets and the affordability sets it apart from my past experiences.

Sandra - TSB Tribe Member

"I am so glad that I joined TSB"

I joined the program last week and I have already gotten so much out of it.
The content is informative and put together well.
I love Jeannie’s no nonsense presentation style and her dedication to our tribe.

Kylie - TSB Tribe Member

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