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Jeannie Savage


How To Use A Price Leader To Grow Your Practice

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How To Use A Price Leader To Grow Your Practice

Hi, I'm Jeannie

An award-winning Strategic Bookkeeper, author, certified trainer and speaker


I'm the CEO and brainchild behind The Strategic Bookkeeper which exists to help Bookkeepers build and sustain a thriving practice.


I’ve been in practice for 13 years and I scaled into a lifestyle business after just 5 years – so I could live my dream on my terms – and it has been awesome!

How to use a price leader to grow your practiceJeannie Savage
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A price leader in retail is a lower-priced product positioned to attract customers. It may have minimal or no profit margins. The goal is to capture attention and entice customers to visit the store or explore further online. While some may purchase the price leader, they often opt for higher-quality products in the same category. It's a competitive strategy, not trickery.

In this episode, you'll learn about:


  • What a price leader is

  • How I use a price leader in my practice

  • Using a price leader as a competitive advantage


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