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A Surprise Launch Bonus 🎁

Psst! I've been meaning to tell you this —

I've thrown in a surprise launch bonus for August 1, when the doors open to the Transformation Program! Woo hoo! I'm very excited!!

And, you know what? As I wrote this, I have not even told my team about this surprise...

Excited for The Strategic Bookkeeper Transformation Program launch bonus

It is a fairly early morning where I live on the Gold Coast in Australia, and I live and die by The Science of When, by Daniel Pink, so I know my brain functions best in the morning. So, this morning, I have decided to include this launch BONUS, and that is,

for the first 12 weeks, you are going to have the opportunity to

catch up with me more than fortnightly.

The way the program works is, the doors open August 1, so you have got 14 days to jump in before I am there for your first live IMPLEMENTATION SESSION. And, there'll be other members of the team that are jumping in as well to help you with various things. Because as you may know, I tend to separate ingredients 1 to 5, from ingredients 7 and 8. So, ingredients 7 and 8 is SYSTEMS and TEAM – and I've got someone on my team who's going to work with you around that (kind of concurrently), while I work with you around the ingredients 1 to 5, which is Brand, Menu, Attraction, Conversion, and Succession.

Now, a quick rinse and repeat: the doors to The Strategic Bookkeeper Transformation Program will open AUGUST 1! So I want to ask you: Are you ready to move from being busy to thriving? Are you ready to come into a community that will support you and lift you up, to build the business and life of your dreams? Because, I am ready to hold your hand every step of the way and help you go from strength to strength.

And I tell you, there is no better time than right NOW.

To celebrate the launch of the Transformation Program, there are foundation member bonuses. And, I have even priced the program to suit every bookkeeper, topped off with a money-back guarantee! Just join the waitlist, and you'll get all the details. You can also check out the podcast dedicated to this. I want to help you build a thriving practice, delight your clients, and, ultimately, live your dream on your terms. This is exactly what I've done in my practice, and now it's my heart's desire to help you do exactly the same things.

So August 1, that's actually a Tuesday. Now, best case scenario: you jump in and you purchase the program that day, and you get cracking! Because then, you've got 14 days to access the content and you're going to be able to do the induction and be like, "Okay, yep, I know what to do here."

And then you're going to get started, because then as you're absorbing the content that I need you to absorb. I need you to get a foundation in certain aspects of what you need to learn – remembering that there are five parts to the way I deliver in the program, and that is Education, Assets, Implementation, Team, and Support. You're going to be able to get in and have two weeks, where you can just start digesting the content. Remember,

I'm structuring the content for the busy multi-tasking mum.

We have an academy and all the content and the resources and everything is in there, but, I'm using a beautiful little piece of tech that makes it all audio-friendly in your podcast app on your phone. It's a private podcast, but no matter how busy you are, the busy multi-tasking mum is going to be able to actually listen to all of the content, podcast-style, and then rinse and repeat and use the academy as needed as well.

So, let's say you do go in and you opt in to the program August 1 – you've got those two weeks of content where you can be absorbing as much as you can! When I show up two weeks later, August 14th, live and recorded, you're going to already know a whole lot of stuff that's going to help you get more VALUE out of the implementation session that I do. Now, at this stage, I think I'm going to allow about 90 minutes for each implementation session. Let's say you opt in on August 13, that's fine too! The implementation sessions are live and recorded. So what I would suggest is when you turn up, it might be something that you decide that you want to watch again, or you're just going to be in a different place to someone who opted in on August 1, so you'll simply want to re-digest all the content.

But, the surprise launch bonus is basically that. You are going to get more COACHING and MENTORING from me in the first 12 weeks. In terms of what day and time I show up, I want to wait until I talk to you all, literally until I survey you all when you come into the program, so I can find out what days and times suit you. I will guarantee for the foundation members that join in that period of two weeks after August 1, you are going to get access to much more coaching and mentoring with me, live and recorded.

Now, the other thing that may be at play... I like to under promise and over deliver, so I'm not going to guarantee this, but, I guess what is part of this surprise launch bonus is that for that 12 weeks, there is going to be more of me, and that more of me might be more than weekly.

This is all about getting you RESULTS and helping you more. I want to turn up more often based on what you tell me. I also want to turn up more often in that first 12 weeks in order to

tailor the SUPPORT to the key problems that you're trying to solve

and the key things that you need in your practice. (And, they're just going to be

a little bit different for each bookkeeper.)

So, I've spoken to bookkeepers who are at the beginning of their journey and they've said, "Jeannie, I'm right at the beginning." They might have a job, or they might be a new mama wanting to go back into the workforce... They've got no clients right now and they've got nothing. And then, I've got other bookkeepers who are quite busy, but they're the busy bookkeeper more than the thriving bookkeeper, and they need something different. So as a community, here's what you've told me you NEED so far:

"Jeannie, I need to find new clients." "I need help Jeannie, and my focus at the moment is brand." "I need to help with how to build a website quickly, effectively, strategically and affordably." "I need pricing strategy and productised services." "Jeannie, I need standard operating procedures." And also, I was pleased to hear from at least one bookkeeper "I'm really keen on succession", which is the advisory built by a bookkeeper for a bookkeeper.

Now, I'd love for you to ask yourself if one of those spoke to you, all right? And also, if there are other things that you need, because the Facebook group is a place to post them. If you are not comfortable with that, then please email me because when I know what you need, I can make sure that I keep that front of mind, so that I know how to help you.

So that surprise launch bonus, to rinse and repeat – more of me, more coaching and mentoring included, me working my bum off for the first three months. And then after that 12 weeks, what I plan to do is migrate into that normal fortnightly show up. And that's for a few reasons.

I want you to spend the smallest amount of time with me, for the biggest IMPACT.

I don't want to take your time, I don't want to overwhelm you, and I teach you this in terms of working with clients. It's not the time that creates the impact. We could spend 30 minutes with a client investigating their numbers and get a massive impact. Or, we could have a client where we think, okay, we need you to show up every week for a few weeks for an hour because we just want to get some goals kicked here. The more time that we take with our clients, the less time they have. And what do we know about time? Two things that we really want and need in our businesses is TIME and MONEY. So the more time and money that I can give you and that you can give your clients, the better, all right?

My idea is not to take up your time in order to give you value, absolutely not. And so as we work together over the course of the program, I absolutely have front of mind, BANG FOR BUCK. Biggest impact for the littlest investment. And literally, I hop in the program going,

let's talk the 5% activities that give you 95% of the result

so that we're not spending the wrong amount of time and money

on activities that don't give you the ROI, the result, and more.

The launch special, that surprise launch bonus, however, is actually so I can tailor it to each person. It's literally so I can look at the community and go, right, these people need help with this, but they're okay with that. And therefore, let's see what time of day suits them. I'm going to show up and do a live implementation session and coaching and mentoring and support, to help the people that have this problem sooner than the implementation session that would be at X date. So, that first 12 weeks is me working harder – it's me showing up more often to serve everyone with where they are at right now, and the problems that they face.

And so if you like the idea of more coaching, support, mentoring, and live sessions to help you to get results and SOLVE problems where you are at, and then this is a great one for you. This is on top of all the other celebration items – your platinum level CERTIFICATION, massive COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, and also the access to the hourly-to-outcome billing that is sold standalone at $1,000. You will get all these, and so much more.


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