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An Incredible Story for us All

Updated: Apr 1

For this read, I will be taking it straight out of my recent podcast of the same title – and that episode, so pure and so inspiring, I tell you.

So I had the chance to interview Deb, one of our tribe members, and it's so powerful to share with everyone regardless if you're in the program or not. I actually wonder, can I do a blog post that really does justice to just how incredible her journey has been?

TSB transformation program members having a chat

Deb's going to share with you as she just shared with me, her journey and her story in the Transformation Program. What really excites me about watching Deb's journey – her progress, her wins, everything in the program – is that Deb is the quintessential bookkeeper. And as you'll learn from Deb by the end, "if I can do it, anyone can".

The impact the program's having absolutely fills my cup. I've said that a million times and I'll say it again. Like I say, I feel like I could rattle on and on in this intro about Deb and what she's got to share, but how about we just jump in and learn her story?


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