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DO NOT skip this Blog - I'm psyched!

In today's read, I absolutely want to give you value around the things that you need to do in your practice, and I want to connect it to a sort of comment that I had from one of our amazing community members. It's around the, "I don't have time to spend a year with you Jeannie, but I really want to."

So, I'm absolutely going to connect this to what you need to do, regardless of whether you come into the program. However, I definitely want to address the fact that it's not really about spending a year with me. I'm going to be here for a year to help you, and everybody's going to need different kinds of help. It's about the five elements across the seven ingredients. So it's about education, assets, implementation, team, and support across the five ingredients in my methodology.

What I give you access to from day one when you come into the program, is going to help you from day one to build your thriving practice, delight your clients, and live your dream on your terms. And so within the first four weeks, we are spending no more time than you currently spend in your practice. This is golden the way I have structured it. Don't give me any more time in your day than you're really spending right now. Why did I structure it that way? Because I'm a busy multitasking mama, and I've structured it for every busy, multitasking parent.

Multitasking bookkeeper achieving more without adding extra hours

So, as I said, I was just talking to a community member and she had said to me that she absolutely loves everything that we are presenting. That there is nothing really globally that hits the mark like we are giving you. And you know what? After spending 14 years and in the last four years building this for you, and spending bucket tons of money and giving you everything that I would've dreamed to have been given at the beginning of my journey, or within the first five f*ck-up years that I talk about in my book, it is not really a surprise to me that the feedback from the community is, "Holy cow, Jeannie, there is nothing like this worldwide."

I'm a bookkeeper just like you, that built this for you off the back of my two top human needs: growth and contribution.

Being able to contribute to your success absolutely sets my soul on fire. Let's talk about why I want you in the program, even if you have not one minute to spare in your day, okay? Because, I don't actually expect you to go to your computer and to dedicate hours specifically to my program –

I want you to get all of this done without actually dedicating extra time.

Here's how it works: Everything that you need to learn is in the academy, and we use Kajabi, which is the gold standard of training academies, and I'm a trainer and assessor. So you've got this academy with everything in it. Listen to everything audio-style. What does that do? Oh my God, it saves you bucket loads of time.

So if you do basically anything during your day where you can listen, then you are going to be able to digest everything. I need you to learn on the fly while you're going for a walk, while you're doing the dishes, while you're having a lunch break. And, just a side note, please do take a lunch break. Please don't multitask while you're eating. You can spare 10 to 20 minutes to eat without being at your computer – and taking a break is a strategic way to do better in business. Trust me now, believe me later.

So, if you can just give me 20 minutes a day while you are doing other things like cooking, or while on a walk, or you're at somewhere else where you can just mute everything and listen to the content – that's all I need from you.

The next thing is, while you are working and you are at your desk, doing your bookkeeping work for your clients or anything else that you do in your working time, you're going to have the academy open, and you are going to use what I give you on the fly while you're working over that year.

It's not about finding extra time to work with me,

it's about me giving you this beautiful academy full of the stuff that you need to build your thriving practice, to delight your clients, and to ultimately get that income and lifestyle. For example, let's imagine you're at your computer, and you've been listening to all the podcasts, and you're like, yes, this is amazing, I get it – and you've got that kind of repeating a bit in your mind.

Let's say, in this case, a prospective client has come through and said, "Hi, Joe's accountant referred me to you and I need this and I need that and I need this and I need that." Boom, you're in the academy, and you are going to use the CONVERSION process.

You are going to use the NEEDS ANALYSIS.

You are going to whip up your MILLION DOLLAR STORYBOOK BROCHURE in no time.

And the reason I call it the million dollar storybook brochure is I believe that you would never be able to create that even with a marketing team on your own, okay? Because I have created that as the leader of our organization with a marketing team behind me, and I've second guessed the hell out of a team of marketing professionals the entire way. So unless you've got a 14-year bookkeeper veteran on your marketing team with all your mix of agencies, there's no way you could create this – not even for 20, $30,000, but if I had to put a fee on it... $20,000 and you'll get something that maybe is 10% as good as what I've created.

So, you've got a prospective clients come through, you say, "Yes, I would love to help you out. Can I give you a call back in an hour? Can I give you a call back in three hours? Can I give you a call? When's a good time for us to do a 15 minute needs analysis?"

In the time between that person calling you and you doing the needs analysis, you are going to be able to do what you need to ONBOARD and RETAIN that client without price as a priority. You're even going to get in the member-only Facebook group and go, Jeannie help, and I'm going to be so excited to jump in with you. So, that's one example of how you would use the academy and everything in the program in order to get a massive result. Now, just out of that one perspective client, you could get your return on investment in the entire program back, okay? Because, I'm going to help you with how you onboard and retain them as a forever client without price as a priority.

Another example is when you're at your computer and let's say, you are on the seesaw strategy, which is the delivery-hustle. So delivery being I do the work, hustle being I go out and get the work. Let's say you're doing the work and then you identify, I really need to get some more work because I need to make more profit.

Well, first of all, as soon as you come into my program, I'm going to help you see that

getting more work is not the answer to making more profit.

The answer to making more profit is to be more strategic.

The old work smarter, not harder, but, I actually give you the devil-is-in-the-detail around the step-by-step that makes that happen. It is absolutely to be more profitable, which is the source of the problems you face. If we play the Why game... why do I need more clients = more profit. Why do I need standard operating procedures, quality, process, retention = all roads lead to more profit. So, why do I need to go to networking to find new clients = to get more profit. If we play the Why game, it's about PROFITABILITY.

That three parts that I talk about, thriving practice, delighted clients, your dream on your terms – your dream on your terms is income and lifestyle. That is profitability. Time, profit and time. And so when you're thinking, oh, I need to find new clients because as Jeannie has explained to me I need more profit, then, you would pause and take a breath for a moment and you would do some of the work that I give you. You would leverage the sh*t out of the BRAND that I license you to use together with the brand ASSETS. And then, you would use an ATTRACTION strategy that would not only bring you more clients, it would begin to fill up an invisible PIPELINE that would be throwing seeds into the ground, that would slowly come up, and be nurtured into fruit trees that would give you the fruit.

We would move you off slowly from the seesaw strategy (where you do the work and then you get the work), to the beautiful PIPELINE strategy where you are leveraging my brand and my brand assets to create an absolute Rolls-Royce of a brand sphere, with a unique selling proposition and more, in order to over time you'll go, How did that happen? I don't do the seesaw anymore while I'm doing the work, yet the inquiries just seem to come through.

That, my friends, is the science and art of sales and marketing specifically done for bookkeepers. I will help you move to that, until one day, just like the client that I worked with eons ago, he said to me when we pulled an extra quarter of a million out of his business, How did that happen, Jeannie?

And it was like, it happened step-by-step over time over the last year, but he was like, how did that happen?

So, I'm not asking you to do extra work. I'm asking you to do the work you're doing now, with me, and my collateral and all my stuff in there.

And often I say to my clients when I work with them strategically, I've learned this over time. I say now, I won't necessarily ask you to work harder, but I will ask you to make harder decisions.

And before I forget, thank you to the community member that emailed me and actually shared this comment with me that she felt like she couldn't do this another year program. And actually, I shared something with her that I want to share with you too. What I said to her is something that a friend taught me. It was probably 12 years ago, and it was relating to the fact that I'd paid for some daycare and then I decided to take my son out for various reasons. And she said to me, Well, I'm glad you're not one of those people that thinks, well, I paid for a punch in the face now I want my punch in the face.

It is natural for us as humans, if we've paid for something, even if it's crap, to want to keep going with it since we paid for it.

Well, we have paid for stuff in my practice. I have tested and measured stuff. I have paid tens of thousands of dollars, probably well over hundreds of thousands of dollars, testing stuff.

I have paid for punches in the face in order to serve you up the stuff that works, the final versions of everything—

Of how you build a website, of brand, of everything, so that you don't have to waste the time and money and get the punches in the face. So if you try things and you're like, that's not working, or oh, okay, Jeannie showed me how, if I talk about what rather than why I'm going to miss opportunities.

People buy why we do what we do, not what we do.

Why do you exist in the eyes of your client? People buy thriving business, not bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the vehicle you get in to drive to destination. Why? Destination benefit, destination outcome. So if you've paid for stuff and it's not working, or you realize why it's not working, you need to walk away. Don't be the person who says, I paid for my punch in the face, I want my punch in the face.

So going back, let's say you're working, that prospective client came through – you're going to be able to offer up an outcome billing, productized service. If you're currently hourly billing and you're selling what you do, features and functions, then immediately you're going to be able to do it on the job, implement on the fly, a PRODUCTIZED SERVICE with an outcome bill attached – and you're going to stack your VALUE in a way that means that PC is prepared to onboard without price as a priority. So it's going to be on the job implementation using those assets.

I'll rinse and repeat: Education via podcast, together will the assets – they are all in the academy to use on the job implementation, on the fly, on the job. And then, you've got the team and support. The team behind you. I'm like your sales and marketing and management team behind you that you wouldn't conceivably be able to recruit and pay yourself, and then the support of the whole team HQ, together with the support of the entire private Facebook community.

I could give you a million examples of the things that you would do on the job in your practice, leveraging my collateral that you get in the program, but what I'm going to finish up with now is that, all I want you to do is promise me,

If you're not in the program while you are running your bookkeeping practice,

if you identify what you really need to do A or B or C, I want you to think about asking me, Jeannie, is that included in the program?

– so that you can compare paying someone else to create whatever you need, versus what's already inside the program.

Because I know, for the program fee, for what you pay over a year... And I give you the ability to pay it weekly only because I wanted to make it cash flow affordable to as many bookkeepers as possible, allowing you to get the return early. So let's say you get the whole return in a month, you're like, Oh my God, one action and I made an extra five grand – then that's going to allow you to pay for the program in advance. Over time, you're going to have the cashflow from getting the return on investment.

All I want is for you to ask the question,

rather than go and spend a thousand dollars, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 and more, on something that is already inside the program tested, measured, proven to give you results,

so that you won't go paying for something that in isolation costs you as much as the program, or will end up being a punch in the face.

And so my friends, if you could imagine the passion in my voice there, that's just because it breaks my heart to know that a bookkeeper will go on waste time and money on something that I know that I can give you in the program, that will give you the results – and I give you a money-back guarantee! No marketing agency is going to do that.

We have built standard operating procedures in different ways, in different platforms before, and I literally got a punch in the face and walked away. I was told by a really well-known bookkeeper, she put us in front of someone who does SOPs, and I bought into their stuff. I spent about 10 grand because they said, workflow maps are the way to go and you should do it this way. We did it all. We went from what we were using to what they were using. It was a punch in the face that is built for big business and not for us.

So again, that's just an example of something we've tested and measured and gone down rabbit holes to bring you what we know is the simplest, most beautiful system for you to use. And with SOPs, we give you two options. You've got the manual kind of system, and then you've got Trainual as well. So that, my friends, is a wrap on helping you to self-assess how the program can help you without actually spending really much more time at all. Any more time that you're going to spend on any activity that you need to spend in your practice, you are not going to spend extra time. You are just going to do it with the material that we give you, while you are working day to day.

I would love to hear your comments, questions, suggestions, dropped into the Facebook group. And if you are less comfortable with that, just drop me an email. Love hearing from you. Absolutely love it.


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