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TSB Transformation Program: Coaching and Support

In continuation to my previous post, I am going to answer some more questions about the program that have been asked by our wonderful community members. I'm so so grateful for these questions because one person's questions are usually the questions on the lips of the many – and so if you have anything you'd like to know more about, just ask away 👋

So, first question,

"Will you be offering ONE-TO-ONE SUPPORT to participants in the program tailored to their specific needs?"

And then the second and third question which relates to that is,

"Will there be a weekly, or fortnightly, or monthly GROUP CATCH UP? If there is, what times would it be – is it going to suit me?"

The Strategic Bookkeeper Transformation Program Coaching and Support

To rinse and repeat, the Transformation Program is structured into five parts: Education, Assets, Implementation, Team, and Support. I'm going to give you the EDUCATION – you're going to get online coursework, along with the assets that you need – and then I'll be getting together with you and SUPPORT you (think about it like a classroom!). So in terms of one-on-one support, the catch-ups, and the times that suit, these primarily fall under implementation, team, and support. I won't simply be giving you the education, I need to make sure that I help you with what you're learning and the assets I've given you, and then help you IMPLEMENT it all.

So just a quick & very special reminder: the doors to The Strategic Bookkeeper Transformation Program will open AUGUST 1! So I want to ask you: Are you ready to move from being busy to thriving? Are you ready to come into a community that will support you and lift you up, to build the business and life of your dreams? Because, I am ready to hold your hand every step of the way and help you go from strength to strength.

And I tell you, there is no better time than right NOW.

To celebrate the launch of the Transformation Program, there are foundation member bonuses. And, I have even priced the program to suit every bookkeeper, topped off with a money-back guarantee! Just join the waitlist, and you'll get all the details. You can also check out the podcast dedicated to this. I want to help you build a thriving practice, delight your clients, and, ultimately, live your dream on your terms. This is exactly what I've done in my practice, and now it's my heart's desire to help you do exactly the same things.

Going back to the one-to-one coaching support – as it stands right now, the Transformation Program is a one-to-many coaching and support model, but I'll consider one-to-one support if it's needed, case by case. You'll hear me talk about the 80/20 principle a bit throughout my coursework amongst other things, and, I do believe that the one-many model will suit most for many reasons.

You've heard me talk about when I was developing all of this, I thought back to the beginning of my journey as a bookkeeper. I was pregnant at the time, the global financial crisis hit, we had two mortgages, and I simply had to go back to work earlier than anticipated in order to manage the day-to-day expenses. And so, I thought back to what I would've needed then in that situation, and I thought about the PRICING equation, so I've priced the program as a one-to-many model.

In terms of will there be weekly or fortnightly sessions, the answer is yes, I will be turning up live. At this stage, I have made provisions to turn up live and work with everyone in the Transformation Program in a way that basically gives you that coaching and support, to make sure that you can implement everything you are learning and being given.

So once a FORTNIGHT, there's going to be a session that is live and recorded

– and that is the answer to how do I make these sessions time-friendly for everyone.

Sadly, I can't actually really make it time-friendly for everyone. At this stage, my intention is to have one session that I make as time-friendly as possible, and it will both be live and recorded. And then, I'd make sure that you've got ways to reach out for support. If you couldn't get to the live session, then you are going to be able to use different SUPPORT CHANNELS like the private Facebook group in order to let me know what you need.

Now, over the last few years as I built the program, I've had a lot of people say to me, "you're too cheap" because, well, for many reasons, but one is that with everything inside the program, it has been described as a DONE-FOR-YOU bookkeeping practice. There is a mountain of VALUE. And in fact, if you compare what I give you to, say, if you were going to go out and buy a franchise which will cost you 40, 50, $60,000 – my program is merely 10% of that kind of fee structure, and yet I give you probably 10 times more than the franchise model is going to give you. Why did I do that?

Because I've built this Transformation Program for bookkeepers,

and I want to make it accessible to as many bookkeepers as possible.

So when I was structuring everything and thinking about the FEE STRUCTURE attached, how I could offer MONEY-BACK guarantee, and how I could help you get a RETURN ON INVESTMENT week on week, month on month, I did consider one-on-one coaching. But as it stands right now, that is not included in the program. If I get demand for one-on-one coaching, I will consider offering it as an additional service and an upgrade to the bookkeepers who request it, however, I do believe the way I've structured it and everything I know about how I can deliver as a trainer and assessor, there is a high likelihood that it may not be required for the very high majority.

But, you absolutely do get coaching on a fortnightly basis. And just a little side note, the program is a living, breathing, organic, evolving machine. I'm big on review and improve, so I'll be listening to everyone and listening to what everyone needs and tweaking things to ensure that I do what I need to do, in order to help you GET RESULTS.

I've structured the program in a way that I think is going to give everyone enough,

but also NOT steal your time away from you.

When I built out all the education, I thought, "I need to condense everything as much as I possibly can, so that the bookkeepers can invest enough time, so that I'm not giving you simply overwhelm, or forcing you to spend more time than you have to get results."

So with my trainer and assessor hat on, I'll be turning up once a fortnight, and I'll be talking directly to everyone in the program – literally talking directly to you. You'll ask me questions, I will answer, and I will direct you and redirect you to continue that first lap around the sun, where you are taking what you learn, taking the assets that I've given you, adapting them to your practice, going out and using the strategies, telling me how you are going with them, changing, and getting bigger and better results so that practice makes progress (because I get there's no such thing as perfect).

I'm going to be listening to you, and giving you direction and redirection.

You're going to be telling me about the results you're getting, any results you're not getting, any problems you're having, and I'm going to be helping you with all that by making sure that I educate you, reeducate you, direct you, and redirect you and support you.

Again, the sessions will be live and recorded, and I've absolutely tested that model. I invest in professional education for myself as well, and I have been in programs where sessions are live and recorded. I'm going to encourage you to always, as much as possible, turn up LIVE. But when you can't, you need to observe time in your diary to watch that recording, and that's a part of the support that I give you. I'm literally going to be helping you with how you get it all done.

So as I write this, I've started about 6:45 AM on a beautiful Tuesday morning. It's winter here in Australia, and I got up really early when it's dark, in order to do some work that I really needed to do. My son's not in school at the moment. He's neurodiverse and year seven hasn't worked out for him, so he's still sound asleep in bed, but I'm up doing what I need to do because I need to make sure that I deliver this beautiful program to you. And the reason I'm telling you this story is that, in the early days of the program, I'm going to ask you to work a bit harder, and then in the later days, in the longer term, rather than ask you to work harder, I'm going to ask you to make maybe a few harder and smarter decisions.

That said, I am a mom, and I'm a mom of a neurodiverse child. And so if anyone tried to tell me what I had time for and what I didn't have time for, what I could turn up to and what I couldn't turn up to, when I take things day by day... I mean, I'm still very structured, organised, but there are times when my day goes out the window because as a mom, with everything going on, sometimes something's got to give, and so I don't get to a live session if I'm in a certain course or program. And so I do need to watch the recorded session. I guess I just wanted to give you my experience there and let you know that, yes, the sessions will be fortnightly live and recorded, and if you can't make the live, you're going to watch the recorded and then we are just going to see if you need any extra support.

I know from experience that most of the time, the questions posed from the community are the questions that you will have anyway. So when you watch the recording, coffee in your hand at your own leisure, you're probably going to find that you get everything you need. But if you don't, you can jump into the Facebook group and you can ask me either by putting a post in or just jumping on the video, and Team HQ and I are going to make sure that you get the support you need.

Another question I got is,

"Will your program have any lock-in contract terms?"

Now, this question should be answered by what you get when you join the program waitlist. The Transformation Program is a lap around the sun, and yes, it's a 12-month commitment. And the reason for that is how I talked about thinking about myself at the beginning of my journey, during the global financial crisis. I could absolutely have structured the fee structure so that you are paying for the program upfront, but I decided to structure it so you're paying a weekly fee over 12 months, because I wanted to make it as accessible as possible to every bookkeeper.

I thought about if a bookkeeper didn't have the cashflow upfront, like, if a bookkeeper was on their early days, how could I make it accessible so that they could jump in, work hard and get a return in investment over time? And so I decided to do a fee structure with a weekly fee – every week, over 52 weeks. There will be an option to pay upfront with a small saving, but again, it is a 12-month commitment. And what I need you to do is give me that lap around the sun, so that I can give you the big, big results.

So the very last question posed was around BRAND, and I love, love, love the question. So in my own words,

"With the brand part of the Transformation Program, do you have to change your brand and BRAND ASSETS drastically, or does it lend itself to allow participants to use the Strategic Bookkeeping brand/logo on their websites?"

The answer is yes, it lends itself to that. I wanted to structure brand and the brand assets and the program, so that I could help bookkeepers that were in any place with their brand.

And the thing I love about this question is that this particular community member comes with a brand background. She has got brand assets in place that she really likes, and if you're a bookkeeper and you're going at it alone, you're using my book to build, you absolutely have to do it and test and measure and do the DIY figuring out as you go. Whereas,

when you come into the program, what's really important to me is that

we actually don't mess with your brand a lot at the beginning.

The way that I've structured it is going to fit in with a lot of different bookkeepers on where they're at with brand. Here's an example: So for this particular bookkeeper, she's going to be able to take the strategic bookkeeper CERTIFICATION that she gets, which gives her a great unique selling proposition, selling points, and COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, and she's going to be able to use that in her marketing collateral along with the directory listing that she gets in the directory of strategic bookkeepers that we give you, where the Better in Business podcast funnels through to.

So that for the long term, we're working really hard on done-for-you LEAD GENERATION. Now, this bookkeeper's also going to get this phenomenal brochure that we're putting the final brush strokes on. Let's imagine you're a bookkeeper out there with no brand, or you've looked at your brand and gone, oh my goodness, I really need to renovate it, or, I'm confused, I have no idea what I need to do around brand – and I totally get that. So for this bookkeeper that actually has a background in brand, and this is going to be the exception, but no matter where you're at, I want to explain beyond what I've just told you how this brochure is meant to fit in.

Mistakes around brand cost a lot of TIME, and therefore, they cost a lot of money.

And building the right brand is obviously very important. So I want you to be able to take this incredible, multi-purpose BROCHURE that I give you when you come into the Transformation Program. In my methodology, we have brand, menu, and then CLIENT ATTRACTION (and then the other steps) – the brochure that we'll be providing takes into account our beautiful MENU, which I've tested in my practice, and which is one of the most powerful DIGITAL ASSETS that we have. And, the brochure is also a little bit of a story!

So, we're going to help you take this brochure and bring your OWN brand into it, and tell a story about you and your practice that gives you the competitive advantage, the unique selling proposition that demonstrates your profile, your results-based marketing, all these various moving parts, and that's going to give you something that we're able to help you use in the conversion process immediately, like hit the ground running.

It's going to give you something that is a BRIEF for a web developer.

You are going to be able to print it and take it to business networking with you.

You're going to be able to have it in front of you as a translator, to go from what language to why language (because people buy why you do, not what you do).

It's going to help you find, onboard, and retain clients,

without price as a priority.

No matter where you are at in your branding journey, you're going to be able to look through that brochure and use it either end-to-end as it is to solve those problems, or if you're the bookkeeper with a background in brand, then you're still going to find elements of what I've built in that brochure, because this is brand for bookkeepers – it will give you those AHA moments that allow you to improve what you're doing so that you can find, onboard, and retain clients without price as a priority.

It's kind of impossible for me to convey everything here, but I think one of the important things is that,

I'm a bookkeeper who's built this for bookkeepers

– considering the beginning of my journey, everything that I would've needed back then that would've been impactful based on what I know now, based on what I've achieved now.

If you're a bookkeeper to stop and simply work only on your brand, you will go down a rabbit hole, and I don't want you going down a rabbit hole, okay? One of the things that I've considered very carefully is how I help you hit the ground running in terms of getting results from brand assets and brand, regardless of where you are at.

So again, for this bookkeeper, absolutely, you're going to get the pieces of The Strategic Bookkeeper brand to plug into your brand and do not mess with it if it's working for you. But then over that lap around the sun, the HQ and I are going to be really working with you and looking at what you're doing and giving you comments, questions, and suggestions to further enhance that brand, directing and redirecting you on what to do next no matter where you are at.

So my friends, that is all those questions answered. If you have any more questions about the Transformation Program, you can either post in The Strategic Bookkeeper's Way Facebook group, or you can just drop me an email anytime.


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