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Hot Seat TSB Coaching: Launching, Pricing & More

Updated: Feb 29

Today's read is something very different; we're shaking things up a bit! (And honestly, don't expect this to be a regular thing). But, here's the deal with The Strategic Bookkeeper Transformation program – it's always evolving.

Right now, with our close-knit group, I've got the chance to experiment with some cool stuff, which means the tribe gets results even faster!

TSB Hot seat coaching session one-on-one

So, recently on a Saturday I held a hot seat coaching session with Melissa, one of our awesome tribe members from the United States who's launching her bookkeeping practice. Now, one-on-one coaching isn't something we usually do in the program, but hey, I'm all about going the extra mile to help my tribe get results!

And so today, I'm sharing with you the raw transcript of how our conversation went, in order to give you a sneak peek into how the program rolls. It's like getting a backstage pass, letting you see what it's like when you're part of the tribe.

And the best part? You'll hear directly from one of our fantastic tribe members!


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